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About Us

Successfully raised as a software development company, for creating automation techniques in the field of Textile Designing , Textronics welcomes you to Design Archive – a world of designsnow just a few click away.

Design Archive
Design Archive is an intelligent design data management system which hosts a comprehensive library created over a period of time. The data can be accessed by various hierarchies/departments of the organization for their specific requirements with predefined rights and permission for design data and corporate security. Sales person can communicate design and style requirements while on tour and his request for customer-oriented development.

Design Archive allows you to reach out to your places and people at the speed of thought thus ensuring decisions that are well thought out and commercially correct. In the global village and the fast changing fashion industry the stakes do not permit any margin of error and response time. With the industry becoming more technology driven and control and reach becoming more and more stretched out the need for the following is inevitable.

  • Enhanced connectivity and communication.
  • Sharing of design assets.
  • Merchant centric approach.
  • Speedier and geographically far reaching data accessibility.
  • Efficient historic data management.
  • Focused and versatile data accessibility.