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It will include questions like below :

What is Design Archive?

Design Archive is an technology enabler for cataloging the artists creations into a central Design Database server can be accessed and published onto the web. It is a versatile and flexible integrated solution that instantly presents designs stored in the database.

What are the advantages of Design Archive?

Design Archive provides

  • Easy Sharing of design assets.
  • Enhanced connectivity and communication.
  • Merchant centric approach.
  • Focused and versatile data accessibility.
  • Speedier and geographically far reaching data accessibility

How safe is Design Archive?

Keeping in view the security , rights and permissions are well defined providing conditional access to relevant department executives and the design and its related information is made available.

For eg : The production dept can access design related information for producing the fabric while the marketing dept would have the access to the design visuals, and multi pronged seek parameters to filter required range of fabrics.

How do I register?

Click on the register button and follow the below steps:

  • Fill out your personal details. Be careful to enter your legal details.
  • Fill out your e-mail address.
  • Finally enter your desired user name and password. Do read through the terms and conditions of the service beforehand.
  • Verify your details by clicking on the confirmation link sent through the email.

What can I upload?

In 'Design Archive' you can only upload designs, files of your textile designs. These SHOULD NOT infringe other person's or organization's copyrights, trademarks or patents.

How to upload designs in Design Archive?

Once the user signs in to Design Archive, he can click on to the save option and import designs.

Which software should I use to create designs?

Though we recommend Design Dobby, Design 3D and Design Jacquard for your design creation, feel free to use any other software you are comfortable with.

What Design Formats can I upload?

You can upload files of the formats like : .jpg , .bmp ,.tiff, .dob,.jaq,.3dp etc

How can I see my uploaded designs?

Design Archive provides a search tool for the user that helps them to search their uploaded designs. The user can even search designs on the basis of different categories.

Can I see other designers uploads?

Sorry, for the purpose of protecting every designer's ideas we do not show other designer's uploads to anyone other than the customer.

How do I subscribe?

Subscription can be done in just two steps -

Step 1 – Registering yourself.

  • Fill out your personal details. Please enter ONLY your legal details (Like the Name should be the one written in your government issued ID card).
  • Fill out your e-mail address.
  • Finally enter your desired username and password. Do read through the terms and conditions of the service beforehand.
  • Verify your details by clicking on the confirmation link sent through the email.

Step 2 – Subscription.

  • Select our subscribe now button.
  • Go forward to make the payment through one of the payment methods.
  • Before you can finalize your subscription you will receive a confirmation code in your mobile through E-mail. Enter this code in the space provided and you are through.
  • Once a registered user you can use our facilities at ease and even download and store high-resolution designs of your downloaded collection.
  • If you have any queries feel free to contact the website's support staff at support@textronic.net However we request you to check your queries with the FAQ section to avoid repetition.

How many designs can I download?

You can download as many designs your credit balance allows.

What facility do I get with each design?

You get the famous '3D Mapped View', 'Full View' and also technical specifications of the design and download options with every design.

Who should I contact in an event of a query,grievance or request?

Please contact support center, support@textronic.net for any queries you have regarding the usage and policies of the website.