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Made-to-Measure Images “Bespoke Tailoring is back!”
Services Offered
  • We offer you a unique and powerful solution to create your own online Tailor Store.
  • Made-to-Measure offers texture mapped images (PNG format) of multiple garment  elements like cuffs, collars, sleeves, lapels, pockets, etc.,
  • Custom Shirts, Suits, etc can be created and visualized by combining the various  mapped elements enabling Online Tailor Store, and E-Commerce

Upload Photos
  1. Send your fabric swatches to us
  2. We will scan, set the repeats
  3. Texture map your designs to all your multiple elements enabling rich visuals

  • You can also Scan and Mail your fabric swatches in high resolution 300 DPI.
  • Make sure that the fabrics are scanned well aligned and have more than 1 repeat
Kindly mail us the swatches at info@textronic.net Or you can courier to our address
Customize Your Own Model (Provided by Customer)

Garment Image - (Provided by Customer) on which the designs would be visualized should be of
  • Good digital quality with adequate light and shadow.
  • The image should be of white or light shade fabric
  • All the garment elements viz – Collar, Cuff, sleeve, etc should be perfectly aligned to ensure proper assembling of the final garment.

Kindly mail us your requirements at info@textronic.net


Cost :
Scanning and Repeat setting Texture Mapping
Woven - 3 credits 16 credits
Print- 5 credits