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Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for the services provided by the website which is created and monitored by Textronics Design Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

By clicking on the terms of service check-box you, as a customer/designer, in your free will, agree to fully and unconditionally abide by the terms and conditions mentioned below and have done so by thoroughly reading and understanding the wordings in the context as put forth by the company. The user understands that if any clause deemed unenforceable or void due to any reason, it does not deem the entire agreement as void and the rest of the clauses are always binding on the user.

1. Definition Of Terms -

(a) Customer/User/ You – Here the word 'Customer', 'User' or 'You'(be it all or some cases in upper/ lower case) defines the buyer or the person signing the agreement, more specifically the legal name under which the account is registered with us ie – 'www.designarchive.in'.

(b) Agreement – Agreement refers to the terms of service or vice-versa stated within this page. It also refers to our privacy policy. This will also include references to the agreement as when it is amended, supplemented, notated, changed or replaced completely.

(c) Site – 'Site' or 'site' refers to the website 'www.desingarchive.in' created and monitored by Textronics Design Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. which provides a platform for textile businessmen to suffice their design needs. These designs are created by our set of reputed designers.

(d) Concept – These refer to the designs we sell for remuneration through subscription. These concept can be put for appropriate use only after it has been downloaded legally from our site.

(e) Company – Refers to the parent company monitoring the website ie. Textronics Design Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

The Terms of Service is subject to these terms and conditions -

  • The user certifies that he/she is at least 18 years of age or has the consent of a parent of a legal guardian.
  • The site in return for the following agreements and remuneration provides conceptual designs to its customers. The site does not endorse any other product sold by it or under its name. Such sales are to be deemed as void and unlawful.
  • The following terms of service supersede all previous understandings, representations and/or contracts.
  • The company is not responsible for any non-performance or breach of contract entered into between the users or the site. In fact such contracts are deemed void ab initial by the company/site and may also face legal charges made by the company.
  • The user agrees to use the services provided by the website for lawful purposes only.
  • If the company/site comes to the knowledge that any user in breaching or manipulating the contract then they are liable to face appropriate actions (legal or otherwise).
  • The user fully understands that subscription once made cannot be canceled by the user. However the website reserves the right to do the same.

Subscription is on an yearly basis and under no circumstances will it be renewed without the payment of renewal fees. The discount is only available on subscription every consecutive year. The moment the chain of subscription breaks your benefit will break and you will have to pay the current market price and a new chain will start. This benefit will only continue for next 3 consecutive years.
With every annual subscription you will be given 200 credit points NO MORE NO LESS. Price of download of every design in terms of credit points will vary according to its quality and applicability. These aforementioned attributes will be decided by a committee of experts designated for the purpose.
Both the committee or the company are not to be held responsible for any miscalculation of these attributes.

Payment -
The payment options available for customers are cc avenue and PayPal. The customer is advised to read the gateway's specific policies and he should note that company is neither related, nor liable to any of their policies or changes in policies. It is also clarified that the user is not charged by this site for usage of these payment gateways.

Credit Card Details -
The user confirms that he understands and undertakes the credit/debit card details provided by him for making the payments. He/she also agrees that he/she is the authentic owner of the card and that in case of any dispute regarding the card the company/ site or its employees may not be held responsible in any way and hold no liability. The company/site or its employees are also not to be held responsible for any physical/mental/monetary/other damages or losses caused due to the usage of the debit/credit card(s) through the site.

Duration –
By clicking on the 'I Agree' check box or button, you agree to be bounded by its terms for 1 whole year. Under no circumstances you are to break the terms of contract without contacting the website staff. By violating the contract you agree to let Textronics Design Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd to take appropriate legal action.

Typographical errors -
In an event of misrepresentation of pricing or facts which arise due to typographic errors the site reserves the right to cancel the particular request.

Liability –
The user endorses that all the concept provided by the website are unique and true to the knowledge of the parent company, ie. Textronics Design Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. User endorses that the company takes full care that its servers are free of viruses or malicious files and that the company is in no way liable for any damages or losses occurred due to network/virus problem or any loss of data to their computer systems. Though the company takes extreme care for the security of payment modes, it takes no liability for any damages or losses (monetary or otherwise) caused by the website. The user agrees unconditionally that the website also does not invite any discussions(legally or otherwise) on any form of third-party losses. The company cannot be held responsible to the periodic shut down of website for maintenance/security purposes or any technical/other reasons occurred which are beyond the control of the site.

Relationship -
The relationship between the customer/designer and the website is similar to that of a business relationship which is defined by a contract. Under no circumstances should anyone act as an agent for the site unless authorized by the management of Textronics Design Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd itself.

Prohibited Activities -
The following activities are strictly prohibited by the company and will be observed as a voluntary breach of contract -

  • Sharing or intention of sharing of any information on other websites or through any other medium.
  • Impersonation.
  • Deceives or misleads any information during subscription or renewal.
  • Sharing of an account between individuals/organizations.

Indemnification -
By this term you indemnify 'www.designarchive.in',its parent company and also any related parties, agents, employees from any claim or demand, or actions including attorney fees or penalty imposed due to breach of contract by you.

Termination/ Suspension -
The site reserves the right to terminate or suspend any account with its sole discretion and judgment. The reason for termination will be sent to the email address provided in the user information. The site also reserves the right to delete all the previous information relevant to the account along with the account itself. The user agrees unconditionally that he has the right to dispute the judgment of the company only with the grievance center and has no right to take up the matter legally.

Governing Law/ Jurisdiction -
All cases regarding to any issues related with the site, terms of service, etc. will be dealt within the courts of Mumbai jurisdiction. The agreement has been made in accordance to the laws of the sovereign nation of India.

The terms of service is liable to change/ replaced as and when felt required by the parent company. These changes will be written down in this page as soon as possible. However the company holds no liability to the customer on account of him/her not coming to the knowledge of such changes.